Saturday, August 22, 2015

Six years ago I wrote this in my film diary:
The Man With Two Brains - I laughed. A lot. Steve Martin used to be funny and still is. By which I mean the films he made then are still funny now - unlike people like Gerry Lewis, or Arthur Askey who were funny then but aren't now and haven't been for a long time. Though there were people who went on laughing at Arthur Askey years past his (and their) sell-by dates so maybe I'm just laughing at stuff that I used to find funny but that isn't widely considered really funny any more.

Maybe I just haven't noticed.

I guess the acid test will be whether my children find The Man With Two Brains and The Jerk funny in a few years time. Fast forward six years and I can almost hear one of my girls saying to the other (or possibly one of the others depending on the sex of child number three, due in less than four months): "Oh crap! Dad's going to do one of his 'Is This Funny?' experiments on us again, just pretend to like it so he doesn't feel old, will you?" I love my kids; they're so considerate....

Time for an experiment...

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sorry, long abandoned blog. Been busy doin' drawin's and that: Victorian Engineers There's a few more here: Nunsploitation! Superheroes drinking coffee! and a Tale of the Old West: featuring Jeff Randall of the US Postal Rangers! Please enjoy! I may come asking for money later....

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Questions to Which I Don't Suppose I'll Ever Find an Answer - No. 675a

Why are all pterodactyls in French* comic books coloured red?
etcetera etcetera etcetera...

*all right, '...and Belgian'.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Here's an eight panel strip that fell off my doodle pad today and somehow became worth inking. wib

Monday, June 22, 2015

Page one of  'Senga: The Braw Jungle Lassy'

 Page One

Or whatever I eventually call it. 'Senga: Quine of the Jungle' is another possibility.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Work in Progress:

 Senga Cheesecake

Work in progress. I've got a bit stuck in the comic I'm drawing with this character. Her name is Senga the Jungle Girl.  I'm 12 pages in, a few good jokes and no plot as yet - so to avoid dealing with my total lack of plotting ability I'm taking time out to draw a pin-up of her with copious armpit hair. Not sure why I'm giving her such luxuriant pits, but I was planning on having her have riotous underarm fuzz that would blow in the wind from the start - but Holly made me take it out on the grounds that it's "too weird".

A semi-naked Scottish girl living with an Amazon tribe of white girls battling Nazis deep in the African jungle is okay but armpit hair is "weird"?  I don't understand kids. Mind you, they don't understand me so I guess we're even.

(Though I do have some sympathy for their position.)

Here's the (maybe) cover :


Missing CD? Contact vendor

Free CD
Please take care
in removing from cover.

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