Friday, October 07, 2005

It's 9.30 pm. It's Friday night. Merriol is off in the Fort having drinks with everyone from the practice and I am thinking about going to bed.

Oh God! what ever happened to me? I have got even more boring than I used to be. I mean I never was one for going out and getting bladdered till the early hours then crawling home - well no more than anyone else of my generation. But somewhere along the line I got fed up with all that. I got old I guess. That and and swearing off the booze - there's not a lot of fun watching lots of other people drinking themselves into complete twats. Been there, done that, got bored with it.

So far this week the highlight of my life has been the superdooper new hyper efficient German washing machine. Which arrived on time, was easy to plumb in and is so QUIET! It's incredible You can hardly hear the thing when you are in the same room as it. All previous washing machines I have owned have vibrated scarily (but have been interesting to sit on) but this one just hums a bit and efficiently cleans stuff. I am in love. I will post a a picture of it soon... What the hell am I saying? I will post a picture of my washing machine???? Oh Jesus! I DO need to get out more...

Other highlight of the week was spending fifty quid on a coat in T K Maxx. May not sound like a lot but it is more than I have ever spent on a single piece of clothing in my life before.

1 comment:

Boegle said...

Please post a pic of the coat too!

I bought a shirt yesterday that looks like a denim bustier. I spent $53 on it. INSANE. Pre-first couples counselling, and post dentist trip. In fact the shop is just next to the dentist. It's where I got my Pink Dress after having my teeth cleaned for the first time in 8 years.

They know where to put their boutique!

I am jealous of your quiet washing machine. I'll try and remember to take a picture of mine tonight for yours to look at.

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