Tuesday, November 29, 2005

There is something fundamentaly weird with my life at the moment - or even fundaweirdly mental.

I spent most of this evening glueing the words to Donald Where's your Troosers onto the back of a roll of wallpaper. (It's a Panto thing.)

Not a long entry tonight. I'm just switching off the pooter and going to bed having set the mouse traps for the night. It's freezing here and that always heralds a sudden influx of the little buggers. Merriol and Sue bought some (useless) 'humane' traps while I was away - and didn't catch a sodding thing.

Now I'm back the real traps have come out. The ones that kill the little shits, then post their heads back to their grieving relatives with a stiff note.

Grrrr! I get all Rambo and macho when it comes to rodents in my house. I'm normaly a pretty placid and gentle soul but rodents chewing my wiring and pooing on my worksurfaces? Out comes the Bambi hunter in me. Current bait is slices of Twix Bars, it comes highly recomended as a bait by a fellow mousehunter. I will let you know how it works... that reminds me, I need to file down the trigger mechanism on the number 2 trap it's just not sensative enough...


'Thought & Humor' said...

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'Thought & Humor'

Boegle said...

It may be time for a cat, though I love the idea of you decked out in beltfulls of automatic weapon bullets, and a little red headband, darting around your house in the wee hours hiding from the mice trying to bring you down - But they can't... you've been trained by the best, your beret has mouse ears. You are unstoppable - a force of nature. Peanut butter in one hand, cartoon swiss cheese in the other.

Please, just watch out for the weremice.

Perhaps my mind has just been ravished with wonder at infinite goodness, wisdom and power. Have I been converted and I didn't notice?

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