Monday, August 21, 2006


I've had a word stuck in my head all day. Just like an annoying, or catchy little tune that won't go away, I have had the word 'Pawky' going around and around and around in my head. PawkyPawkyPawkyPawkyPawky. What the hell is Pawky? I have no idea what Pawky means. It's an adjective, I know that but that's all. I came across it last night when I flopped in front of the box and after a few minutes channel hopping landed on live concert of Schostokivich's 13th symphony*.

'That'll do,' I thought.

Knowing bugger all about Schostokovich - or his 13th symphony - I pressed The Big Red Button on the remote to access the BBC's program notes. They were hillarious (OK, mildly amusing) written by a demented musicologist in a velvet jacket with a thesaurus rammed up his capacious arse.

"The flutes now take up the yearning motif from the opening of the fifth section reminding us of the pathetic conclusion and eagerly preparing us for the majestic reversal of the inverted theme that follows. Surely the most poignant moment of Schostokovich's masterpiece, the Viols, Cellos, and Vasco de Gambas cry out in bewilderment. Schostokovich himself was suffering from piles in the weeks before the first performance and composed this section standing up at his piano which he had raised on blocks."
That sort of thing.

Towards the end I read that:
"The small bassoon now joins in with a pawky little tune"
I was too flummoxed by the word 'pawky' to actually listen to the music. Pawky? Pawky? PawkyPawkyPawkyPawkyPawky... my head stuck on that word like a faulty CD. PawkyPawkyPawkyPawkyPawkyPawkyPawkyPawkyPawkyPawky.

I'm afraid to look it up.

Here's another annoying little pseudomeme that won't let my brain go:

Nestle Instant Cappuccino. I have a packet in front of me (it was free with something). On the outside of the packet there is a little panel which says:

68 calories per mug with 200ml water

All I can think is: How many calories would it have it was made with 300ml of water? or 500? or a whole bathful? How many calories are there in hot water? I had always understood water was.. well, water. H2O. No calorific value whatsoever. What do Nestle's lawyers know that I don't? I'm worried.

Somewhere during the day, inbetween trying to get this stuff out of my head, Fraser and I (mostly Fraser) got side one of the roof slated. Half-way through the job!

* You can see why I don't have any catchy little tunes going around in my head, can't you?

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