Thursday, October 12, 2006

Unicorn Poo

Holly woke us up the other morning demanding she have a bath because a unicorn had pooed on her during the night.

"They are very small animals but do very big poos." she said.

We asked her why the unicorn had pooed on her and not in the toilet.

"Because it didn't want to disturb Daisy. Unicorns are the worst tip-toers in the whole world."

Merriol is going across country tomorrow to have a full day's pampering in a beauty spa place. A workmate of hers has a new boyfriend, firmly set on Impress Mode, who has stupid amounts of money to throw around. He bought her, "and a friend", a whole day's slap-up beauty workout in a posh slap-up beauty workout place.

Merriol is the friend.

He paid two hundred quid for EACH of them for the day.

Cough! Splutter!

That's some serious impressing going on there.

Merriol will be away all day and I get to play with the kids, feel vaguely inadequate, and practicing saying:

You look wonderful!

YOU look wonderful!

You LOOK wonderful...

...for when she comes back.

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