Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This Is My Slug, It Has A Broken Leg

We have a robin which lives in our garden, over the past few weeks it has been getting tamer and tamer and if you are quiet it will come within 30cm or so (6"). It's been sticking its head into the hall, presumably it's pecking up bits spilled from the duck food food we keep there. Today I came in from emptying the garbage to find it sitting on the kitchen table. (Though it had moved by the time I got the camera out.)

Daisy and I had great fun manoeuvring it out of the front door. She makes a good sheepdog (robindog?) does Daisy.

Otherwise today was very uneventful, which in itself is no bad thing. Holly went to her nursery Christmas party, we all three had lunch with Merriol, Mike and Morag (and their two boys whose names don't start with M) at the TIC, came home cooked, tidied up a bit, cooked a bit bathed the kids and read them stories, tidied up some more and now I'm off to bed.


1 comment:

Phoebe J. Southwood said...

Oh ma gah! That bird is sooo cute! Sounds like a nice day there. :)

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