Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We Had Shepherd's Pie For Lunch... It Didn't Smell This Time...

I like books to have indexes.  Very useful, sometime interesting in their own right, and occasionally funny too - the indexes to Joe Queenan's If You Are Talking to Me your Career Must be in Trouble and Rich Hall's Things Snowball are particularly fun.   I think all books should have indexes - even fiction. (Especially fiction over 300 pages with more than four characters.)
Therefore imagine my teeth gnashing today when I was looking for a recipe for moussaka for tea and I came across this in Elizabeth David's Italian Food:
'Mousaka, 268'
I turn to page 268
'Considering that aubergines have been cultivated in Italy since the fifteenth century, it is odd that the Italians have evolved a dish of aubergines half as good as the Balkan moussaka...'
  - and that's it.  The only reference to moussaka in the whole damn book!

What IS the point?   What is the bloody point?

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Phoebe said...

That's just mean.

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