Thursday, November 19, 2009

Remember a few days ago when I said I lived in hope of finding an LP cover as compulsively horrible as this one?

I should be careful what I wish for. Because today, in Ft. William's Save the Children's Cancer for Sick Animals shop, I find this:

Willie Sutherland is the guy in the glasses. He's blind. According to the minimal sleeve notes the guy on the right is Frank Coutts, the little girl is called Mandy Coutts and is, presumably, his daughter, neither of them (as far as I know) were blind. Nor was the photographer, or any of the three men and a dog Wick-based record label Grampian Records.

Stevie Wonder was blind. So was Ray Charles. So were a brazzilion other blues, gospel, jazz and folk singers: Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Willie McTell, Blind Willie Johnson, Sonny Terry, and Blind Boy Fuller to name but a few easily lifted from Wikipedia.

None of them got stuffed with a record cover that made them look so predatorialy pervy. Even for 1972 this is one ugly fucking record cover.

Now I have had this LP for at least six hours I think the thing that disturbs me most about it is the spacing of the lettering, those huge gaps - there presumably to stop li'll Mandy's cotton socks getting in the way - very unsettling.


Phoebe said...

Initially, I thought the sides of the pews were tombstones, and that the spaces were for those...

Anonymous said...

if you must know williesutherland was blind and spent time at Edinburgh school for blind.
You are so insensitive in your comments

Junk Monkey said...

Yes, anonymous, I know he was blind. I said I knew he was blind. If he had been able to see, do you think he would have been happy with this picture? I don't think so. It's a horrible picture. As an album cover it's horrible. He may have been a nice guy. I hope he was. It's a horrible picture of a nice guy. Happy?

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