Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sorting through the pictures on my phone today, between the endless number of blurry accidental shots of table tops, floors, and huge pink blobs that may well be one or more of my fingers: and the endless number of blurry photographs of my kids moments after they stopped doing that cute or interesting thing, I came across these.  A few pictures where I actually managed to record - albeit badly - the thing I wanted to record:
Blue Balls!

 I wonder why they haven't caught on... - and they're chewy too!  Yum Yum.

 Source of the Nail
I cannot conceive of any situation where I would only need five 100mm round wire nails.  (That's 4" in old money.)  In the real world nails come in big bags or buckets.  You buy them by weight; by the kilo, and you just keep using them till the job is done.  Hammer! Hammer! Hammer! "Is that going to fall down? No? Well, let's just whack in a few more just to be on the safe side..."  Hammer! Hammer! Hammer! No-one I have ever met (in or out of the building trade) who knows which end of the hammer you blow down has planned a job so meticulously that they know they'll only need five nails.

The only possible situation that comes to mind where exactly five 100mm round wire nails might be of  use is the unlikely situation that you are given (or find) a whole boxful of five different kinds of packets of shrink wrapped nails and you want somewhere to hang them on a wall.
Here's yet another attempt to sell empty cardboard boxes to numpties with no imagination:

And a couple of classic charity shop apostrophe abuse's

This one from The PDSA in Fort William:

And this from Mary's Meals in Oban:

Mind you, this is the same shop that has a shelfful (is that a real word?) of knick-nacks labled:

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