Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Work in Progress:

 Senga Cheesecake

Work in progress. I've got a bit stuck in the comic I'm drawing with this character. Her name is Senga the Jungle Girl.  I'm 12 pages in, a few good jokes and no plot as yet - so to avoid dealing with my total lack of plotting ability I'm taking time out to draw a pin-up of her with copious armpit hair. Not sure why I'm giving her such luxuriant pits, but I was planning on having her have riotous underarm fuzz that would blow in the wind from the start - but Holly made me take it out on the grounds that it's "too weird".

A semi-naked Scottish girl living with an Amazon tribe of white girls battling Nazis deep in the African jungle is okay but armpit hair is "weird"?  I don't understand kids. Mind you, they don't understand me so I guess we're even.

(Though I do have some sympathy for their position.)

Here's the (maybe) cover :


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