Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I like drawing Hats. After tentacles they are my second favourite thing to doodle. I can doodle hats for hours and not get bored. Sometimes the hat will be dangling someone underneath it and sometimes that person will do something interesting or tell me a joke.

The Squid
Sometimes I manage to combine hats AND tentacles

Meet Fate. (If you haven't met him before that is.)  Fate turned up in my sketchbook, dangling under a hat while hovering over a depressed horse that was considering throwing himself under a passing truck. Three pages, an exploding ice cream factory, and a bus full of nymphomaniac Swedish athletes later he wandered off the page leaving a bemused, but no longer suicidal, horse behind him.  I possibly won't get round to presenting the world with that strip but Fate turned up again few days later (with less gratuitous nudity involved).


And he keeps coming back:


The Return of Fate 

I like this guy

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