Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Feet Are Giggling

With the kind of ironic counterpoint, without which my life would be much less interesting, after yesterday removing vast amounts of liquid from the bathroom floor I spent a great chunk of today sticking liquid onto the bathroom ceiling. A few days ago I was having a shower and looked up; I could have sworn that ceiling was white. It wasn't. Nowhere near. It used to be - about 15 years ago. Somehow over the years it has dinged into a mid- dark grey (varying from Pantone 14-4 102 TPX to 17 4405 TPX in places). It is now white again, and the top of the tall cupboard doesn't have a 7.5mm layer of felt on top of it. It must be ten years since I was on a ladder tall enough to see the top of the thing. On the top I discovered a dense layer of greyness, a ten year accumulation of bathroom fluff. It was like a blanket. I tried to wipe it off but it wouldn't come - so I ended up rolling it up and dumping it. The bathroom now has an echo.

I recently upgraded / moved / whatevered the blog over to the Improved! All-singing! All Dancing! with THX Surround Sound! (on selected computers) NEW! ("no longer beta") Blogger*. As a result my counter doesn't work any more so I have installed a new one. Not very interesting but true...

*I liked 'Beta Blogger'. It sounded like a blood-pressure medicine with a cold.

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