Thursday, September 06, 2007

We have mice again. I really hate mice. I don't mind them playing outside and doing micey things in the fields, and riverbanks, and doing the whole Brambly Hedge, Beatrix Potter thing but when they come in my house and start chewing my wiring and pooing on my floors. No. Not having that.

For the past few nights I have been putting down traps and waiting for the deeply satisfying -'Clunk!'- as they trip followed, I hope, by a tiny stifled squeak. Sometimes I get the buggers, sometimes not. I'll come down in the morning to find the trap tripped and the bait gone but with no sign of any stiff rodents lying around. I have been using chunks of milk chocolate as bait but as of tonight I have started using tiny pieces of Snickers Bars on the incredibly small off chance that our mice might have a severe nut allergy and will snuff it from anaphylactic shock somewhere.

I really hate mice.


Anonymous said...

Apparently they like Mars bars! Don't ask my why!!!


Phoebe J. Southwood said...

uh oh
MOUSEHUNTER II - The Reckoning
(now with 3d mars bars!)

Anonymous said...

I'd second the Mars Bars and also chunky peanut butter

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