Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A couple more for my How To Survive a B Movie guide - rules to be followed if you ever find yourself suspecting you are a character in a low budget SF movie: Suggested by the good people over at the Flickr Name that Film Group
  • Don't Go Looking For The Cat - It will live, you won't.
  • Always Bear in Mind That No Matter How Slowly the Shambling Thing Following You is Moving - it Will Outrun You - The actual time it will take to catch you is a complicated calculation of an inverse square law in which you have to take into account the available number of small twigs the female members of your party will trip over in inappropriately high-heeled shoes.
And how could I have forgotten this one:
  • Don't Let Caucasians Near Volcanoes - White people have an inexplicable but definite catalytic effect on long dormant volcanoes. Enter white people - exit ancient civilisation and/or dinosaurs happily living on its slopes.

It's Merriol's Birthday today. Happy Birthday Merriol. We went to the TIC for lunch.

Merriol's Birthday Burger

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