Friday, September 11, 2009

Is this just me?

Today Daisy came home from school with some weekend homework. Her assignment was neatly printed on a strip of paper tucked into a notebook. It's nothing onerous, she is only 5 after all, she just has to look for the letter 'R' in the newspaper and then take a page of the newspaper in to school on Monday with Rs underlined.

(And she will be taking a page of a very old Sunday paper, because I haven't even got round to reading last week's yet.)

What has got me shaking my head in bewilderment is the fact that the slip of paper contains 55 words arranged into four sentences - with two spelling mistakes.

"...look at my families newspaper..." and " see how cleaver I am... "

Am I just getting old and grumpy (or at least middle-aged and crotchety) but wouldn't you expect the people teaching your kids how to read should know how to spell simple bloody words like 'clever' and 'family's'.

I'm tempted to send it back, marked in red, with "Must Try Harder" written underneath.

I won't - but I'm tempted.


Phoebe said...

Uhhh. I think that is at least worth an email to the school...

Anonymous said...

No, don't embarrass the teacher by emailing the principal but I would correct it and send it back.

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