Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sometimes I have Bad Dreams. I Will Tell my Head: "Head, No More Bad Dreams!"

It's Merriol's birthday on Friday!

Only bought 5 CDs today from the Oban charity shops on my lightening dash to buy Merriol a birthday present today: 3 Placebo, a Morcheeba and a Foo Fighters and NO BOOKS! this is a record. I have will power!

We both liked the Placebo, the Morcheeba is going on the shelves to add to the huge pile of music I don't listen too (even, in the case of bands like Morcheeba, when it is playing) and The Foo Fighters is on its way to eBay 'cos neither of us liked it.

And I actually managed to buy her a present (not I hasten to add from a charity shop. I'm cheap but not THAT cheap) to replace the present I had bought last week but managed to loose a few days ago. At least I presume I lost it because the last time I remember having it it was in my coat pocket and when I went to hide it yesterday it wasn't there. I can only think it must have fallen out of my pocket when I ran to get help for an old lady who had collapsed on the road in the village. Someone was with her and a neighbour had called an ambulance but I had an inkling she was a resident of the care home round the corner so belted off there to get someone who knew her.


Boegle said...

It's tough being a super hero.

You sure the old gal didn't just pick your pocket?


Liam said...

LOL! Merriol found them! They were in the bottom of the push chair all the time. Merriol now has more make up brushes than anyone else in the village.

Boegle said...

Er... Happy Birthday M!!!! (I swore to myself that I would remember because it was POSTED ON YOUR BLOG!!!) Bad bad bad late phoebe...

I HOPE IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! And that the Dog Turd light fixture was the happiest birthday visual image in the world. Ok. I know. I'm reaching. Foot firmly forced into esophagus...



Boegle said...

PS: Your makeup looks really perfect! :)

(ok... foot now in stomach. I'll stop before it gets obscene. OOPS! The mere mentioning of obscenity... OH DEAR... )

Oh my look at the time!

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