Saturday, January 28, 2006

Spent last night in the Ballachulish Hotel in one of the posh rooms (just above the kitchens) using up one of Merriol's vouchers and having a night away from the kids. (Thanks Mum!) It was great. I slept like a log and Merriol stared at the ceiling. Or rather she stared at the light fitting which looked like a gilded dog turd and cursed me out for snoring.

Goodman VCR Problem shooting:


The VCR no longer accepts tapes.



Peer inside through the slot and get depressed about not being able to watch crappy old SF movies.


Unscrew VCR casing with the depressing thought that you are going to spend the next three hours trying to figure out exactly which of the three hundred and seventy-two moving parts involved in moving the cassette three inches that way and then down a bit needs bending back into shape.


Curse yourself for not keeping detailed notes the last time you had to do this.


Remove VCR cover.


Removed audio CD from inside VCR.


Replace VCR casing.


Watch crappy old SF film with sense of achievement.

I love having kids - at least it wasn't a cheese sandwhich.

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