Friday, September 28, 2012

Trying to kickstart my blogging habit.

I realised it has been MONTHs since I did one of my tedious-to-everyone-but-me, every-film-I-have-watched posts.  To spare you a case of terminal scrollfinger while looking for the vaguely-funny-things-my-kids-say posts, the Tedious Film Lists are now to be tucked away over on a spare blog:

Snappy titles huh?

Another Brief Snippet From the Screenplay of My Life

Daisy has a day off school. She's 'not well' - my diagnosis is General Non-specific Duvet Lurgitis.  As an occasional sufferer myself I recognised it instantly and knew the cure; a day in bed watching crap on the telly works wonders.

Driving the girls into the Fort to their drama class I hear the following snippet of conversation from the back seat:


What happened in school on Monday?

Holly: (Gleefully)

Didn't anyone tell you? Johnny Depp
came and filmed a bit for his latest
 film and then he had his photo taken
 with everybody. It was awesome!


What was for lunch?


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello, much neglected Blog.  Just to prove to the world I am still alive here's a picture of a bit of packaging.  Merriol bought a tomato planter recently and this is part of  the box it came in:


Zoom!  Enhance!


Some Countries! Wow!  Mostly, I suspect, Albania... late at night... on a shopping channel.

Missing CD? Contact vendor

Free CD
Please take care
in removing from cover.

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