Monday, December 17, 2012

The Cover.

If I wish really really hard I can almost imagine it's illustrating my story.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fanfare, Please!

Time to pass on an announcement:
Announcing the release of The End: Visions of Apocalypse, an anthology presented by Including twelve stories that detail various depictions of the end of the world, the anthology features the work of Michael J. Sullivan, Hugh Howey, Tristis Ward, and nine other writers, all with their own apocalyptic visions. From grim destruction to tragic suffering, and even humor, no version of the Earth is safe. 
Now available through Smashwords. Coming soon to Amazon, and other online e-book retailers
I'm passing on the announcement because a story I wrote a while back is included. One of my stories in a book alongside stories by real published, actually got paid for their books, writers.  Woohoo!  The Story is called Silver Sky.  It's not the best story I wrote this year. But it's not dreadful.  Some of the other stories in there are pretty good.  At least one I would go so fas as to say is excellent.

Go get it.  It's free from Smashwords in a variety of interesting electronic formats. 

Monday, December 03, 2012

Yet Another Brief Snippet From the Screenplay of My Life


Eben and I are playing with his wooden train set.  I've just set out the track and Eben is placing the carriages on the track as I hand them to him.  I pull another engine out of the box.  It is painted black.

...and here's a black one.

That's means it's evil - it's a BAD train!

(Pulling out a blue carriage.)
So this must be the goods train....

He didn't laugh either.

Daughter Number one has a blog:

I don't understand it but it probably makes more sense than mine...


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