Sunday, August 28, 2016

Blogging has taken a back seat recently to getting Geeks #1 'to press' (I think that's the term).  We sent our printer what we thought was the finished art work last week.  All spellchecked, and lined up, and dusted for fingerprints and everything else we could think of.  

A couple of days later he sent us a PDF proof copy.  

There were spelling mistakes.  

How?  I have no idea.  We had stared at the thing for so long, gone over it and over it, and we'd still managed miss them.  Three days later with Merriol, Mum, and I going over printouts with a variety of coloured pens and utter nitpickyness, we got it finally finally done.  A second proof.  Everything is good.  We'll spot something I'm sure when we get the physical copies but with luck it will be so vanishingly small the regular reader will have to use an electron microscope to spot it. (Number 37 in 'My Great Hostage to Fortunes' sentences. )

Meanwhile, here's a short strip I did for the latest issue of online SF magazine Mythaxis:


Saturday, August 20, 2016

This year's Glasgow Pride was a little wetter than last years': 


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