Thursday, February 15, 2007

I think That Puddle Likes Valentine's Day

My first Annual Hero Of The Week (sic*) is the unamed Guardian reader who took The Awful Poo Lady (aka 'Dr.' Gillian McKeith) to the Advertising Standards Agency and got them to tell her to drop the 'Doctor' from her advertising. Her Doctorate comes from a pay-as-you-go institution called the American Holistic College of Nutrition which also gives doctorates to dead cats if you give them money - more over at the always excellently readable

Last Week's Annual Hero of the Hour was the unknown celebrity I caught being interviewed as I was flipping round the radio in the car looking for something to drive to. I've no idea who he was but he was being interviewed by some BBC bimbo (probably called Kirsty - most of them are) who was obviously creaming her knickers at the thought of being in the same room as him. The subject had got onto some semi-nude scene from his latest movie "You went topless in that," gushed the simpering media bimboette. "Did you shave for the scene?"
"No," replied the Unknown Celeb. "I've only got three chest hairs and I'm pretty proud of them, so no."
"You won't be getting a crack and sack then?" Giggle.
"No, I've already got them."

Doesn't look so funny written down but I was splitting my sides.

The lack of Blogging over the last few days has been due to lack of time. Rampant springlike tidying behaviour, and the arrival of a certain box of cruddy SF DVDs have been consuming most of my time. I've had great fun being bewildered by the awfulness of two movies so far: The Alpha Incident and UFO: Target Earth (this one being one of the most incomprehensible, dreadful movies I have ever come across).

Meanwhile, I want one of these:

*Let's not kid ourselves I'm ever going to do this again.


Phoebe J. Southwood said...

is the chair made of cardboard?

Junk Monkey said...

I have no idea. It was Stumbled upon with no context. Paper or card i would guess but isn't it beautiful?

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