Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Lips Don't Like It - But I Do...

Yesterday was spent in bed with the dreaded lurgi and a couple of books which I absorbed in some manner. I don't remember reading them. I remember the stories and have opinions on them so I must have. I could have sworn I was asleep for most of the time.

I did get up to take Holly to her ballet class. As her class in the Fort, a good 15 miles away, and starts 15 minutes after the school day ends I picked her up from school early and drove like the clappers - for all of a mile - before coming up to the end of a very long line of traffic doing 35 miles an hour.

My snot laden brain wasn't working too well but even I could do the maths. We were going to be very late. There was no point in trying to overtake a queue of traffic I couldn't see the end of; our car isn't blessed with the kind of engine that does accelerating too well and the road is a bit too bendy for long slow determined assaults on columns of traffic. So I just sat there at the back of the line, talking to Holly and fuming at whatever was going so slowly at the front.; Idiot tourists? - wrong time of year - idiot little old lady drivers who couldn't find third gear - more likely, tractor? JCB? - could be.; Whatever it was, it was slow, and it was boring, and I was fed up. We plodded on. There was a police car at the side of the road.; Its lights were flashing and a uniformed officer was standing by the side.

Suddenly everyone in front of me pulled off the road into a huge lay-by. In a matter of moments I went from following a solid phalanx of cars to suddenly having an open road in front of me. I was confused. I tried to remember if the Policeman had been signalling. He didn't seem to have been. By this time I was at the head of the line of parked cars. I had visions of police chasing me up the road if I didn't stop. I pulled in at the head of the line. A couple of the cars that had been near the end of the line with me pulled out and drove off. - What? - People started getting out of their vehicles. I was totally confused. I got out of the car and walked back to the car behind. A man in a dark suit was just getting out.

"Did I miss something?" I asked.

"It's a funeral." he replied.

Only then did I realise we were at the Druim na Birlinn cemetery. I mumbled something, got back in the car, and drove like the clappers.

We were only 5 minutes late.

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