Monday, September 05, 2005

BackinInvernessforthesecondweek'srehersal. andwonderingwhythe space bar on this soddinglibrary computerisn't workingvery well.* but time is of the essence here and I don't have much timeso I'll pound on andifit doesn't workevery now and then, you'll have to pick it out your self.

I still can't get the drunk scenein my head. I'm supposed to be draggedoff to bed (ior towards bed) by Emma who is 17 and supoposed to be completely smashed and lurching against me and tryingto get into my pants - somehow the lines I know off byheart just seem to vanish from my headwhen we are on stage.

Soanother fun filled night for me eating bread and cheesein the cupboard and muttering out loud to myselfas Igooverthescript forthe seventyfifth bejillion time. I feelsorry for anyone in the nextroom as me

Ok there's my " you are aboutto run outoftime alert - bye!

*I guess becauseit has been pounded flat bymillionsof touristical typists. I'll mention iton theway out.


Anonymous said...

Soooo, Mr Baldwin... tell me about this 17 yo dragging you off to get into your pants! I wonder why words just fly out of your head!!!

PS you need another trip to LUSH I think...

Junk Monkey said...

LOL! You'll meet her on Sunday.

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