Friday, June 02, 2006

Worm Sorters are Very Important!

Today's Unanswerable Question from Holly (she must lay awake at night thinking these up):

"Can eggs climb trees?"

Today's Random Alarming Statement from Holly (and I'm sure she spends hours on these):

"Daddy, I like porn!"


"I like porn."

"Erm, what's 'porn', Holly?"

"It's little bits of meat. You can
have it in pies - yummy tummy!"

I have absoloutly no idea what she was on about but I may have to start playing her Fifi and the Flowertots DVD backwards looking for hidden messages.

A short (true) story I submitted to was put up today. I feel a bit chuffed. On the downside I watched "It Came From Outer Space 2" last night and need a new brain.

Thing Thing Thing Thing Thing Thing - I am getting far too fond of that word in this blog. That was today's quota used up.

1 comment:

Will said...


Poor dear. They grow up so fast.

Quorn, perhaps? Filthy stuff too, mind you. Should be stocked on the top shelf.

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