Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You De-neated It!

Len and Sue took the kids to Oban for the day and so, after I had basked long in the glorious silence that followed their departure, I've spent my time working on the kitchen, learning how much I had forgotten about woodworking, and being awed by the amazingness of wedges. Wedges are wonderful. The Get Out Jail Free Card of woodworking. The world would collapse without wedges - well anything I've ever built would. I think from now on the first thing I will do when starting a job is make myself a pile of the little buggers.

I have spent ALL NIGHT working on a cartoon. It is now two in the morning and I'm still only two thirds of the way through it. I know I'm only two thirds because what started out as a stupid one panel joke has turned into a stupid three panel joke - actually it really started out as the only salvageable bit of the script I am not writing for the thrilling Rocketman movie. I think I can honestly say that the movie just isn't going to be funny. I concede defeat. Still I learned something - not sure what but I learned something, and I did get one half decent joke out of it. Though the longer I work on it, it gets unfunnier and unfunnier - by the time it gets posted it will be a three act play that will make a Strindberg double bill look like a good fun night out. Don't get too excited.

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