Monday, May 14, 2007

Can Ducks Kiss?

No more sighting of The Box to report, dammit! but I have been busy this week shopping, and watching Eurovision round at Mike and Morag's - at last! proof that there are more lesbians in Europe who know how to operate a telephone than gay blokes.

Go watch The Ukraine's (2nd place) and Serbia's (first).

Just to point out these are videos from the semi-finals. The guys from The Ukraine really camped it up for the final, and the Serbian dancers got a whole touchy-feely, uniformed lipstick lesbian thing going. I'm sure you could find their performances on the final on You Tube if you went looking.

The UK Entry (as usual) was pretty fucking dreadful - when will we learn that camp heterosexuality doesn't work. We came second last out of a field of lots.

Actually, if you can be bothered adding yet another plug-in to your over burdened browser you can watch the whole final here if you should wish.

That was Saturday taken care of.

Sunday, the most constructive thing I did was spend an hour or so fixing Mike and Morag's cooker door. One of the hinges had collapsed. With a lot of swearing, and a carefully crafted piece from an old Spam tin I got it fixed again. Hurray me! I love fixing things...

...and watching a couple of dreadful movies. One of them, Future War, was about a Belgian kick-boxer from outer-space who teams up with a novice, ex-hooker nun to defeat pursuing alien android overlords and their self-destructing, variably-sized, trained, killer dinosaurs.

It must have looked soooo good on paper...

A bit like the UK's Eurovision entry.

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