Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lack of bloggerising round here at the moment is down to trying to get the Panto into some sort of presentable shape. Or at least the fifty percent of it that Mike and I had already written.

I'll rephrase that.

Or at least the fifty percent of it that Mike and I though we had already written.

For one reason and another we haven't really been working on this a lot recently and stopped at the end of Act one. When, the other night, I finally got round to thinking about giving it a quick read through before printing it - I found I couldn't find it. I found various earlier versions but not the finished finished first act I remembered having last worked on. One everso cold-sweaty, slight panic later I found it on a laptop I had forgotten I own - only to realise, as I re-read it, I was supposed to have written an entire new scene to get some plot points in, and complete the final scene which sort of just dwindled away to a

So, for the past few nights I have been up till stupid times of the early hours of tomorrow trying to be funny. Some jokes came - when the kids are asleep and there are no distractions I can hear what's going on in my head they will come - "Type them, and they will come..." but I gave up trying to get the plot points in and just ended up having one character say to another:
"Hand me the piece of paper with all the exposition on it."
Which he then proceeds to read out.

As it was this turned out to have been a good idea because
a. people laughed on the read through, and
b. all the exposition he reads out has to be changed.
The scene as written has to be moved nearer the front of the show, and yet another scene added in its place to get the love interest in much earlier and make the baddy badder. I would have been spitting feathers if I had spent all those hours seamlessly weaving that exposition into the dialogue only to have to start all over again.

A night off, then back to the funny mines tomorrow night. Let's see what's happening over on the BarbieCam...


I personally believe... it is dead scary that people applauded at the end of that, and that she will have the vote soon.

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