Monday, December 31, 2007

Post 404

As promised. The (shamefully) shorter than last night Everything I have read for the past 3 months anal retentive compulsive list thing:

  1. Spies - Michael Frayn.
  2. Time to Come - not very good aged SF in a copy that was crumbling to dust as I read it. I didn't use a bookmark, I just turned the page I was on sideways.
  3. The 1972 Annual World's Best SF - ... Jesus wept! if this was the best!... etc.
  1. Indoctrinaire - Christopher Priest. The first two thirds were weirdly wonderful. The last third was an utter let down
  2. Hollywood a Go-Go - Monumentally dull cut and paste about the bewildering rise of the Cannon film group. You could almost smell the Cellotape as great chunks of Variety and year end financial reports were glued together. Had the desired effect of sending me to sleep within a pages for a few nights.
  3. Why Don't Penguin's Feet Freeze? -
  4. The Long Result - John Brunner
  5. Possible Tomorrows - a not very Good SF collection
  6. The Wind From Nowhere - J G Ballard
  7. The Drowned World - J G Ballard
  8. The Drought - J G Ballard (That's me Ballarded for a bit.)
  9. The Alien Ones - Leo Brett (R A Fanthorpe). Not as abysmal as some of his stuff but still incredibly dreadful.
  10. The Chrysalids - John Wyndham.
  11. Seize The Day - Saul Bellow
  1. Man Plus - Frederick Pohl
  2. Starcross - Phillip Reeve. The rather jolly good ripping yard follow up to Larklight. Ripping good fun.
Abandoned for a variety of reason: The Blue-eyed Salaryman - Niall Murtach (Bored the pants off me. Hardly 'Hilarious' Daily Mail). Rock 'N' Roll Babes From Outer Space - Linda Laivin. Great title, fucking awful book, Sean Wright would like it. Also described as 'hilarious' on the back cover. Farewell to Berlin - Christopher Isherwood. Collected Stories of Franz Kafka, The Tactics of Mistake - Gordon R Dickson.

(Phoebe you can come out of the shower now)

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Anonymous said...

So what did you make of Seize the Day then? I struggled a bit, as I always do with Bellow, but think there was probably something there worth holding on to.

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