Saturday, August 02, 2008

Things That Make Me Shout at the Radio - Number 56. Weather Forecasters Who Go to Creative Writing Classes.

Merriol and the kids are away down to Sheffield for the day. Back on Sunday night. It's Sue's 60th Birthday. This gives me the whole weekend to do big messy jobs that would be impossible with the kids around. Today I am painting the stairwell which has been unpainted (and un-sanded) since I built the thing six years ago. It's an up a ladder, messy job. Lots of dust, dust-sheets, and planks balanced between ladders so I can stand on them to get up at the awkward corners. Definitely the sort of job you want your kids to 'help' you with. It's also a chance to have the radio on without the kids whining that they're bored with the news and wanting me to play the fucking Tweenies CD again.

At at one of my lunchtimes today (I plan on having at least three teatimes.) I was listening to the Weather when I heard the weather forecaster describe the weather as 'untidy'. "The weather picture today - is 'untidy'."

Untidy? Oh, my God! the weather's untidy!

I would like to think that's what he was going on to say:

"Small bits of shabbiness and clutter will passing over the west coast while the east has an uninterrupted day of moderate neatness. Over the Midlands there will be scattered dainty outbreaks - Orkney will remain natty.

...but I was too busy incoherently shouting at the radio to actually hear what he really said.

I'm worried about the way I talk to the radio when I'm alone.

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