Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Small Snippet From The Screen-Play of My Life

Daisy is patiently waiting at my side as I finish off a few things on the computer before she can play a game. The last thing I 'have' to do is...


"Yes, Daisy?"

"I know what those dots are for..."


"Yes. They're so blind people can read them."

Had a letter read out on the Radio today on Radio 4's PM program - it was, as you may expect, a joke. And I managed to get another cartoon done. My sense of humour transplant seems to be working at last. I'm not entirely happy with the cartoon so I may do it again tomorrow; I'm playing with some new buttons and short cuts and I'm not sure I have them tweaked right yet. I'm also trying to get away from spending hours and hours at the things: tweaking components a couple of pixels this way, then a couple of pixels that way, then back again, and then up a bit to see if that makes any difference, and then trying to decide which of the 356 million shades of blue available to me are the funniest to colour it - before deciding that the particular bit I have just spent half an hour getting right is in fact superfluous and deleting it all together.
I'm trying to get back to doing quick drawings not getting involved in the the engineering projects that some of them became.


Anonymous said...

So what was the letter?

Junk Monkey said...

On the previous days program they'd had a piece about 'The Pips', the Greenwich Time Signal, going wrong for the first time ever; they arrived six seconds late and there were seven of them instead of the usual six (a disruption of the natural order that upset most of the Radio 4 audience for the rest of the day) I wrote:

"Last night you broadcast the pregnant pause before the delayed pips while I was cooking my kids tea. Unfortunately my microwave decided to fill the gap with a series of beeps of its own. Could you repeat the silence please so I may enjoy it uninterrupted? I'll be doing proper cooking tonight and my kitchen should be a beep free zone."

I didn't say it was a funny joke...

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