Monday, October 20, 2008

Let me introduce you to the latest piece of semi-obsolete equipment to hang off our computers here at JunkMonkey mansions:

In addition to all the other gubbins cluttering up the desk we now have a record player! A real honest to god record player, one of those things that makes big round bits of black vinyl spin round at various speeds and give up their juicy secrets*.   So, soon, when I have worked out how to record something I play on it into an MP3 without it sounding like it is being hummed through dented kazoos by drunken meercats - sound engineering being something that is a total mystery to me - I shall bore the world with snippets from my vast collection of crap records (if only to justify their continued presence in this house to my best beloved).

Be Afraid.

*This one does 78s too. My only regret is it doesn't wind up. Somehow I would find it deeply satisfying pandering to my inner steampunk by having some clockwork attached to my loose end of the World Wide Web - Steamcyberpunk?


Anonymous said...

Look up RipVinyl on Google. It's a cunning package to copy gramophone records to digital media.

Junk Monkey said...

Thanks, Gil (Though whether the rest of the world will thank you after I have released Nursery Rhymes a Gau-Gau and Bill and His Pop Guitar onto them I don't know)!

Phoebe said...

What's in the bird bottle head box???

Junk Monkey said...

It's (1970's?) glass peanut dispenser so ugly that I can't even sell it on eBay. I tried.

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