Sunday, March 01, 2009


I have been informed by my youngers and betters that Thundercats Hobnob Baldwin was not at a Arctic Monkeys' 'jig', as stated in my post a few days ago. 
He (or she) was in fact attending a performance by those excellent proponents of the popular music form known as The Snow Patrol (or did she say Herman's Hermits?  I don't know - I'm getting old, all these popular beat combos just sound the same to me these days.)

Apologies for any confusion or distress. (Or did she say 'Brotherhood of Man' - 'Save all your kisses for me...' That was quite jolly... quite liked that one...  Where's my pipe...? )

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Fyfingtonsmythe said...

Dear Mr Junk Monkey

Thank you most sincerely for correcting your blog.

In order to keep your blog up to the minute and down with 'the kids' we will let you know when we are off to see Arctic Monkeys. (probably sometime after the Brotherhood of Man gig...)

Gratefully and respectfully yours


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