Sunday, May 31, 2009

Long time since I blogged. Not that things haven't been happening to me it's just I never seem to get round to writing any of it down. Today all five of us went to the Highland Folk Museum. Which I hadn't been to before. It's a wide open site dotted with reconstructed buildings from the area. The kids loved it. Inside one of the houses, a reconstruction of a crofter's house of some 300 years ago - heather thatched roof, no windows, dirt floor, Holly started playing with a beam of sunlight that was coming through the chimney hole in the centre of the roof. And I had a camera in my hand. It's not the greatest photo in the world but for once in my life I actually took a photo that captured the moment without getting in the moment's way.


Tomorrow: the relentless slog that is every movie I have watched this month while not doing this blog.

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