Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Wee Dilemma

I swear. Sometimes I swear a lot. I try not to swear in front of the kids but sometimes I just can't help it. Meeting foreign tourists driving on the wrong side of the road, as we did last week, does tend to to bring it out.

The other day, while talking to Merriol, Holly used the word 'fucking': "I couldn't open the fucking thing!" or something like that.
"Holly, don't ever say that word!"
"But Daddy says it!"
"Well he shouldn't and he's naughty. I don't want you to say it ever again. Promise?"
"I promise."

Next day Holly is walking upstairs with Daisy:

"Daisy, you're not allowed to say the 'F word'. That's 'fucking'. You're not allowed to say 'fucking'... or 'fucked', or 'fuck this', or 'fuck' anything. Okay? We're not allowed to say 'fuck'."

Later, I find this on the wall of their bedroom:

Now, here's the thing - do I correct her spelling?

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