Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"It's very hard to get lipstick and nail varnish out of your belly button ..."

My unhealthy on/off, love/hate OCD-like relationship with Lidl's breakfast packaging continues:

Many moons ago I posted about the horribleness of this:

As you can probably tell from the above photo (taken with my usual skill on my trusty phone's crapo-cam) they have been re-jiggered. Not only is Goody Rice now known as Rice Snaps but the box has undergone a similarly radical rethink. The two Manga-lite yoofs characters remain but their super-untredy glovettes and bizarre radio-controller games console thing are gone. All they're doing now is just standing there. They're not even looking at the bowlful of product with the psychotic glee of all the other residents of Lidl's breakfast cereal packaging.

(It has just occurred to me that these two characters may have names and may even appear in a string of hilarious breakfast related adventures in some German children's comic - Das Beano or Der Dandy perhaps?)

The wonderfully sugar-stoned, radioactive soup dragon on the front of their Golden Puffs, on the other hand, is more than making up for their lack of interest. I think this creature is as fascinated as I am by the fact that the Golden Puffs floating about, mid-air in the foreground are way smaller than the ones lying in the bowl.

Maybe they swell up really fast as they absorb strange white semi-solid liquids, or maybe the front of the box was designed by the incompetent idiot who produced this handy pie chart of recommended daily food intakes on the back:

Starting at the top and working clockwise: 40% + 20% + 15% = 75%. Last time I looked 75% of something was three quarters - which means those three slices of pie should reach round to about halfway through the milk and cheese slice - whatever happened to the famed reputation for German precision?

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