Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Recently I blethered on about the stunning Top of the News story about a lost dog on Nevis Radio. Since then I have managed to avoid Radio Nevis entirely. (It's not hard.) Yesterday I had to go into the Fort to drop off a cheque at the Council Service Point. As I was waiting in the queue I realised that in the background Radio Nevis was being piped though speakers at us. I'd managed to hit the news. I listened for three minutes as the local news announcer for local news wittered on about a possibly lost dog. Someone has seen a Jack Russell terrier with a brown collar wandering around and wondered if it might be lost.

"Hold the front page, Furgus! There's a possible lost dog in Corpach!"

After his appeals for anyone to come forward if they thought they might know whose dog it was, the announcer signed off with the promise of an 'update in an hour'.

I can hardly wait.

Radio Nevis' Dog Squad hard at work.

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