Friday, August 30, 2013

Chapter the Umpteenth

In which I Relate Possibly the Most 
Pointlessly Nerdy/Geeky Thing I Will Ever Do...

Last night, thanks to the wonderful generosity of Merriol's friend and fine children's author Barry Hutchison (go buy his books), I got to go see a hero of mine in the flesh... and talk to him.... an' everyfink!

The hero is Neil Gaiman (not, unfortunately, a friend of Merriol's*) a fine author (go buy his books too).

Barry had a couple of tickets to the last stop of Mr Gaiman's marathon book (The Ocean at the End of the Lane) promotion tour which took place in Inverness.  Barry couldn't go so Holly and I did.  On the way out of the house we picked up a few of Neil Gaiman's books with the hope that we could ask him to sign a couple: my ancient edition of the annotated script of his Babylon 5 script Day of the Dead, Merriol's copy of Stardust and Daisy's copy of Coraline.  (I planned of getting to Waterstone's in Inverness in time to buy a copy of the new book too.)

We got there very early - but long after Waterstone's had shut; damn! - and took our places.  We had insanely good seats in the second row; B6 and B7. I sat in B6. After a while both Holly and I started reading the books we had bought with us.  She read Coraline. I read the Babylon 5 script A couple of pages into it  I realised that whoever had paid for the seat next to me hadn't turned up yet.  So I bumped myself across a seat  and read the rest of the B5 script - sitting on seat B5.

It made me happy.

Daisy now has a signed copy of Coraline.

* yet.


Phoebe said...

That is very Geeky. It's a Tyler Approved kind of action!

Phoebe said...
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