Saturday, January 04, 2014


One of the things people come to Scotland to do is explore the coastline by boat.  There's hundreds of miles of it: all rugged and splendid, loads of islands, deserted beaches, isolated communities way out in the middle of nowhere, castles on the shoreline.... 

One thing about living in Scotland has taught me is that tourists are weird.  A lot of them have odd ideas about the history of the place, can't drive for toffee when they get here, and then do just about everything they can to get themselves hospitalised as soon as they get out of their cars.   I suspect this is due to the quality of the tourist we are attracting.  Take a look at this.  It's the cover of Sailscotland's brochure for this year.

 Sail Scotland:

"When you dream of sailing,
Scotland should be part of that dream...."

Sailing.  You know the thing you do in a boat.  With sails.  On the water.  Not on a beach holding a two part wooden cut-out of a boat jammed into the rocks - and oars... and why are they all wearing life-jackets on dry land?

We're getting the tourists we deserve.


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