Wednesday, June 29, 2016


We like puddings in JunkMonkey Mansions.  I suspect if the kids could work out a way of living on puddings (and crisps) they would be happy. Some go down better than others.

This was a recent one that came from our last trip to an Asian supermarket:

Mmmmm Pudding Powder! 

Mango flavoured pudding powder that's 100% - something...

Eating it reminded me of this strip I drew a couple of months ago and don't think I've posted here.

Nom Nom Nom

Oddly the usually bizarre Engrish that Asian packaging designers scatter about their boxes is uncommonly readable. Mind you 'Pudding softly or hard by adding or reducing water capacity.' is pretty good.

And the laws of physics are obviously different in the Far East.

Water in China boils at 'about' 90 degrees C????

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