Saturday, February 03, 2007

I gave in and bought the 50 DVD set. I have no willpower! We have no money! I do have 75 hours of really bad SF movies!

A long and frustrating day today in which I achieved - NOTHING. Oh tell a fib, I emptied a waste paper basket. I think that is the only constructive thing I managed to do around the house all day. Not sure how or why but I just seemed to be rushing from pillar to post* getting nothing much achieved. Got up, made lunch, took Daisy to Gaelic Playgroup, ate the lunch I had prepared at 9 am (ha! you thought I had slept in didn't you?) , took Holly to school, put Daisy to bed (she wasn't feeling too good this afternoon), emptied the waste paper basket, collected Holly from school, got the MP3 player we bought Pa for his birthday working, came home, got Daisy up, cooked and ate tea, bathed kids (bubble bath and hairwash). Merriol got home just in time to read bedtime stories while I fell onto the sofa and embraced the awesome mindsucking powers of TV - and so to bed.

What does 'from pillar to post' mean? One of those idioms I use from time to time and have no idea what it means.

One variably definable amount of Googletime later:

OK, according to most sites, including this one it is, apparently, 'an idiom' (which means I will have to go and edit the preceding sentence to make myself look more erudite) that is either: an ancient tennis term, or a medieval punishment, take your pick.

Fuck! It's 1 am! What happened to my early night? A: TV and Google.

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