Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Am A Potty - I Come In Peace!

Flattered last night to see that someone posted this entry from my other blog on their Myspace space last August (with a credit). Nice to know I wrote something that someone thought was worthy pressing at least four keys on their keyboard to copy it somewhere

Just in case you were wondering that you were missing out. The other blog (Oh My God! Is that Cheese????) is, apart from that one entry, not very interesting. It's just a place I plonk the laborious methods I work out to do things like copying pictures from, just in case I ever need to do it again - knowing full well that if I just wrote them down on a bit of paper I would never find them again. I also know whiz bang grown up pooter literates could knock up a Perl script that would do it in three lines - but these work ok for me.

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