Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's To Stop The Noises Falling On Our Heads

And tonight...

After spending an hour faffing about with someone's pooter to try and get their eMail working again (just to add to the fun this guy has profound hearing problems. A stone deaf computer illiterate trying to make sense of whatever someone in an Indian call centre was telling him over the phone - oh, and he has dial-up, so there was no way he could be on the phone and on-line at the same time).
After ages on the phone with a very nice giggly lady from India and resetting all his settings I discovered the reason his eMail wasn't working. It was because someone had sent him a HUGE pile of photos as an attachment. He had never encountered attachments before and had assumed because his Mail wasn't coming down as fast as normal it was busted.

...I flopped down to watch: The Doomsday Machine - a terrifically awful piece of lurid trash SF which started filming in 1967 but was abandoned half way through shooting and shelved only to be discovered five or so years later by a different director, who couldn't afford to hire any of the original cast - or anything else for that matter. Undaunted by this obvious fly in the ointment, and with a totally misguided faith in his ability to direct, he 'completed' it. It's an utter shambles. I loved every bewildering second of it.

Merriol hid in the caravan with her mother and plotted things.

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Phoebe J. Southwood said...

omg. I'm sorry.

That is similar to the tech nightmare troubleshoot I had with an ex coworker that called me up out of the blue. He said his wireless card wasn't working suddenly.

He wanted me to come to his house to troubleshoot it - 45 minutes away. This is someone I have never done social stuff with - an acquaintance.

I declined the wrong drive, so we met at a bookstore, ended up driving all around town until I found a place with free wireless access. I was on the phone to India with Dell the whole time. Finally, the thing seemed to clearly be working - it was kind of working the whole time. But once we had a clear signal it was confirmed. The tech in India and I discussed all the other possibilities - his wireless router at home, did he have DHL/Cable, etc.

We hung up the phone, and I asked my troubled buddy about his set up. It came down to drawing pictures on a napkin of the schematics: DSL plug in wall to dsl modem to wireless router. He kept telling me he had a wireless router that his work gave him but he never plugged it in, and in fact NEVER OPENED THE BOX.

Finally - something clicked. I think I may have asked him if he was picking up someone elses signal or he realized or something.

Anyway - there was a head slappin sound when he stated "My neighbor moved out last week. It hasn't been working since then."

Good bye sunny Saturday afternoon!

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