Sunday, April 29, 2007

Google is Like eBay - But it Starts With a 'G'!

Holly was five on Friday - her birthday has been going on for 3 days now. This afternoon we had friends over for a bit of a party; lots of silly games like 'Pinning The Tail On The Mermaid', 'Musical Angels', and 'Taking All Your Clothes Off And Sitting In Mud'. The sitting in mud game took less time to set up and explain than anything else - and lasted longer.

Life lesson of the week, learned today while tidying up after the partyish.

You cannot sweep custard
I tried, it can't be done.

Jelly, I discovered, you can sweep, just, if you are careful.

Mystery of the week is the birthday card that arrived on Saturday. Thank you Abi, Sam, Tom and Ben for the lovely card. We are totally baffled as to who Abi, Sam, Tom and Ben are and especially why they think it's Daisy's birthday. We don't know. We want to but we don't. Who are you? We have been racking our brains all day over this. Whoever Abi, Sam, Tom and Ben are they live in or around Bath or Bristol. This is so annoying. I have this horrible idea that I'm going to be waking up in the early hours of the morning having remembered - unless this another long lost family of Merriol's that we haven't heard about - yet.

Not, I suspect, that I will be waking up in the early hours of tomorrow morning having stupidly been up till 3 am last night doing this cartoon. I realised last night it had been a whole week since I had put the Tale of the Old West toon up and I needed to have something ready for today. The things I do to make Debs' Mondays brighter - though I found out today the ungrateful baggage hasn't even bothered to look at last week's yet...

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Fyfingtonsmythe said...

thank you my little ray of sunshine - hope the back gets better

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