Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stalag Luft Morag II

The minute prisoner of war camp is complete. Six to eight hours my arse! Mike and I spent the best part of 20 hours assembling the bugger - and improving it. Some of the delay was due to the fact we were putting the thing on a hillside when it clearly would have been easier to errect on the flat. The two pieces of timber which secure then end of the arm the swings hang from took us an hour to get in position. An HOUR! digging holes moving one leg then another it was - to say the least fucking frustrating. On flat ground it would have taken us five minutes. Still. It's done.

Sitting afterwards looking out over the Loch down towards The Ballachulish Bridge and Arnamurchan beyond,I realised I have been living here for a third of my life.

1 comment:

Phoebe J. Southwood said...

please take a picture of your work and post! I'm curious what the heck this is...

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