Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Daisy!

Daisy was three today.

To celebrate, Merriol came home from work to have lunch with us and help Daisy open her presents - or at least be there while they were opened. Holly was more than eager to get in there and start ripping off wrappings. This is the first time Merriol has been home for lunch for ages. Shortly before she arrived back from work Fraser from over the road arrived waving his laptop, desperate to get an Excel spreadsheet printed. This was turning into a bit of a saga as his laptop has Vista and doesn't recognise his printer - and I couldn't get his machine to save the spreadsheet into a format my pooter would recognise to enable me to print it off on the printer here.
Merriol is the village Excel goddess. Fraser, a builder by trade, is damn good at putting in showers.
Two hours later Fraser has his documents, we have a working shower, and I understand how agents feel when they put a deal together.

No news today from the Lakeland Product Query Team. I am disappointed and worried. Disappointed they haven't got back to me and worried that, from his secret underground bunker, Ernst Stavro Lakeland has dispatched a team of highly trained Lakeland Ninjas to deal with me. They are probably sitting in a large cardboard box waiting for the carrier to pick them up at this very minute.

1 comment:

Phoebe said...

Did Daisy ever get to open her prezzies? HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAISY!

I can't believe she is three.

(so far, all indications are that Vista Sucks and has no drivers installed automatically that are worth a crap)

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