Monday, July 23, 2007

It's My Turn On The Ghoolie Thomas!

It was Daisy's birthday last week but we had a little party for her on Sunday. Some of her friends from playgroup and mums came round. The morning was spent frantically tidying the house and preparing food.

Daisy decided that, as we were having a party, we needed some party decorations.

So she carefully and diligently spent half an hour -

- taping an octopus keyring to the front of a drawer.

I am in constant awe of my kids. I spend hours fiddling with 'jokes' for my cartoon blog and other laborious attempts at humour which may or may not find their way into people's ears and eyes, and just when I think I have come up with something I am really happy with - like this over on the Toon Blog - Holly or daisy will do something so utterly surreal it makes my head hurt.

Just like the Tax Office:

Eight identical letter received from the tax office on one day.
Four for me. Four for Merriol.

The piece of paper on top of the left hand pile is actually an other half-formed, quickly-scribbled joke which may, or may not, find its way into people's ears and eyes.

It reads:
"And the Three Kings came unto Jesus.
But Luke had a Full House and scooped the pot."
Can't work out how to turn that into a cartoon, or how to work it into the Panto. I just may have to drag it kicking and screaming into a blog entry someday.

But not today.

Meanwhile could I point your bookmarking fingers at which is the address of my metablog. An easier and faster way to get to the Cartoon, Merriol's, and a couple of other worthy blogs (including Phoebe's). It's rough at the moment but works (a beta-meta-blog?). I will improve on it when time allows. (A better-beta-meta-blog?)

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