Saturday, September 01, 2007

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Sorry, but it's time for my quarterly 'Buks what i have red,' dump

  1. The Seed of Earth - Robert Silverberg
  2. A Rose for Ecclestiastes - Roger Zelazny
  3. Decade of the 1960's - Ed. Aldiss & Harrison 'Classic' SF shorts.
  4. War Reporting for Cowards - Chris Ayres . Genuinely Laugh Out Loud "How I ended up as a war reporter" madness.
  1. Gentlemen of the West - Agnes Owen.
  2. The Valley of Statues - Robert Holdstock
  3. Kingdoms of Elfin - Sylvia Townsend Warner (This is turning into one of those read every couple of years books. It is delightful.)
  4. Tara - Terence De Vere White
  1. Moondust - Andrew Smith. Subtitled 'In Search Of The Men Who Fell To Earth' a fascinating read which recaptured my childhood sense of wonder at the whole Apollo program - despite a couple of obvious factual inaccuracies.
  2. Authentic Science Fiction - Not very good 1950s SF
  3. Say, Darling - Richard Bissell. Funny backstage novel. I now want to read The Pajama Game to find out what it was all about.
  4. Hieroglyphic Tales - Horace Walpole.
  5. Welcome To The Monkey House - Kurt Vonnegut.
I have only read 13 books in the last 3 months. This is pathetic.

And Movies:

  1. The Lost Continent - Cheap Lost World knock off containing footage lifted from (Dear god! Noooooo!) Rocketship X-M
  2. Lady Ice -Dull Thomas Crown wannabee that seemed to be have been made by filming Donald Sutherland on holiday.
  3. Counterblast - 1948 British 'thriller'.
  4. The Hound of The Baskervilles - Hammer films, l love 'em, total tosh but great total tosh.
  5. The Phantom Planet - dreadful early 60s 'SF'
  6. The Bride of the Monster - Ed Wood Jr's second greatest bad film with some truly inspired weird acting moments from Bela Lugosi.
  7. Rancho Notorious - Great title! Fritz Lang, Marline Deitrich. and Cowboys. Odd.
  8. Dark City - gorgous comic book nonsence. If you ever watch it keep the sound down until the watch shows 12, as it has one of those dreadful tacked on pre-credit narrations that fuck up the whole mystery before it starts.
  9. The Dresser - Tom Courtney. What a brilliant performance and this is one of the reasons I don't watch good films. I was was an emotional wreck at the end of this movie. I have to stop watching films about long unexpressed love. I've seen two recently, Cyrano and this, and I was snivelling wreck at the end of both of them. Hanky jobs both times. I'm going back to watching androids fighting; cheap 60s SF movies don't make me feel life an emotional dishrag at the end.
  1. The Dark Crystal - a cuddled up on the sofa (or in daughter number one's case behind the sofa. "It's a bit scary.") wet Sunday afternoon movie which was not as good as I remembered but it kept the kids hooked.
  2. A Scanner Darkly - weird and interesting (and funny) but how did they let continuity errors get through in an Animated movie?
  3. Prayer of the Rollerboys - in a future world, only one man stands in the way of formation rollerblading, drug dealing, fascist street gangs in white trenchcoats and Flock of Seagulls haircuts - and that man is... Corey Haim. As bad as it sounds.
  4. Withnail and I - I laughed
  5. Goodbye Lenin - I cried. The great thing about watching so many crap movies is that when I get to see a good one it really goes to work on me.
  6. Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius - CGI animated kids nonsense, and like a lot of animated kids nonsense a lot funnier and better made than most movies for adults.
  7. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes - Stupid fun.
  8. Wild Women of Wongo - I had never actually seen this classic piece of drek before. If I have, I had forgotten every frame and after it was finished ...
  9. Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women - it was 'Women Night' on the Crapmoviethon sofa.
  10. Attack of the Monsters - Space Bimbos! Giant Space Turtles! What's not to like? Best Line of the movie: "You're right, we'll eat their brains after we've fixed the ship."
  11. I Was a Teenage Werewolf - (MST3K) This movie didn't have any best lines.
  12. Samson Vs The Vampire Women - (MST3K) My first encounter with a Mexican wrestling Horror movie - a strange genre, and an experience I shared with Phoebe in Portland as she took a break from painting her kitchen. I went to the movies with someone 8 thousand miles away via Skype and a bit of ad hoc synchronisation. I love the Web.
  13. Confidential Report - Orson Welles at his most baroque.
  14. His Girl Friday - Comfort movie.
  15. Steal This Movie - OK, but not great, Biopic of Abbie Hoffman only watched because I have a thing about the yummy Janeane Garofalo and it was only a quid in Tesco's.
  16. Mr. Robinson Crusoe - they don't make them like this any more. Thank god.
  17. The Man Who Knew Too Much - First time I had seen the original version. Some very nice moments but not my favourite (yet) early Hitchock
  18. Orlando - I love every frame of this movie (even those with Billy Zane in them). Every frame.
  1. Cabaret - Liza Minnelli - perfect! Joel Grey - brilliant! Oh but dear god why did they cast Michael York? Tomorrow Belongs To Me gives me the shivers.
  2. I Heart Huckabees - What a pretentious, self-indulgent pile of crap! I hope this lost whoever made it a LOT of money.
  3. Raising Arizona -
  4. Paycheck - total turd of a movie. Pointless, explosion-ridden expansion of an adequate, but not that good, Philip K Dick short story.
  5. The Return Of The Four Musketeers - almost good.
  6. Django Against Sartana - Tinned Spahetti Hoops western.
  7. Witchfinder General - A genuinely one-off piece of movie making. The nearest thing (that I know of) to an English Spaghetti Western. Great stuff.
  8. The Amazing Transparent Man - (Note to self: Avoid Science Fiction movies made in Texas in future - especially those shot in only one week flat.)
That's it. You can breath again now.


Phoebe said...

Books I've read: 2007

Ursula LeGuin - Wizard of Earthsea

The last Harry Potter Book

I'm currently reading Hyperion by Dan Simmons. Should get me trough the rest of the year.

"I Am A Bunny" - a golden book. I've read that one about 20 times this year.

That about covers it.

You're retarded friend in the states...

I use an X because I can't spell my name.


Phoebe said...

I *Heart* Huckabies - Lily Tomlin reveals the thing most wrong with the movie - the director:

Phoebe said...

After a day of shooting at a high level - the director asks the actors to take it down by half...

Dustin Hoffman is awesome...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. If possible this has lowered my opinion of the director even more... I like I this remake of one of them too.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read 13 books in my ENTIRE LIFE!!! Does that make you feel any better or just realsie you have a very dull sis-in-law!?!?! x

Anonymous said...

Django Against Sartana is good. One likely for fans only. Don't expect a Leone.

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