Monday, February 11, 2008

Daddy, Help! My Elbow's in Trouble.

Sorry for the lack of bloggery recently. It's been raining a lot. For weeks. Raining. It has been depressing and boring. Grey miserable and wet. Going outside has not been fun. Staying indoors has been a chore. From time to time (just to keep things interesting) it has blown up horrendous gales which have kept anyone from doing any work to the house - like fixing the barge boards that blew off the prevailingly windward end of the house a few weeks ago, and fixing the holes where the rain comes in.
The day after I finally got fed up with trying to work out where the drips were going to land and placing buckets underneath (only to find the next morning that the drip had moved about overnight and dripped everywhere BUT the bucket) I gave in and dragged a ladder inside the living room, climbed up it and rigged plastic sheeting inside the gable end windows to channel all the water into the damn thing, I mean the day after I finally did all that, Craig turned up at some ungodly hour of the morning and started ripping off what remains of the old bargeboards and putting on the new ones. Because the bloke who was supposed to be helping him didn't turn up I ended up on the roof holding onto things - again. First week of February and I've already been up on my roof.
Same time as all this water was coming through our roof two of our three dehumidifiers have given up the ghost. They still make great noises, whirr away like crazy, but just when we need them the most they decide they don't want to actually dehumidify anything any more. Another half day of my life wasted as I took the big old workhorse of a machine to bits to try and fix it. I know nothing about refrigeration units* but after afternoon taking it to bits and putting it back together again I'm pretty sure that's what has gone. I mean I now know all the things that aren't wrong with it. There's nothing else left. It's got to be that. Bum. More expense.

*Dehumidifiers are basically self-defrosting fridges.

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