Monday, February 11, 2008

Hold Onto Your Safety Twig!

Pure dead brilliant track of the week:

Okay, I wasn't specific, the week in question may well have been in 1966 - but it's still one of those perfect two minutes and sixteen seconds of pop music that time forgot. Found among many other goodies at Babette's Feast, the blog of the wonderfully named 'Mimi la twisteuse.'
For reasons that may be very obvious to someone with any more nouse than me about these things (ie everyone) it sounds a lot better saved to the hard drive and played through, in my case, Media Player (but the same seems true of RealPlayer etc. etc.) than it does playing it off the page - as it were. I guess Media Player comes with better speakers than Firefox.

Meanwhile the rain and sodden miserableness I was moaning about yesterday vanished overnight. We woke up this morning to blue skies, birds singing, bucolic peasants frolicking in the meadows - and sod all sign of either a plumber or a roof fixer-upper.

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