Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I haven't blogged for ages. I know. My fault, but to tell you truth - and why would I lie to you?* nothing blogworthy has really happened recently. It rains, the sun comes out for five minutes and it rains again. Sometimes horizontally. Usually when it's time to take the kids to school. I tell them it's character building. They tell me it's horrible. I agree with them.

I cook. I clean. The kids eat, and make a mess. I watch a brain-dead movie and go to bed and read brain-dead SF books. Sometimes I watch the book and read the movie - but it's not as much fun.

Tonight I bashed off four cartoons to illustrate a poster / presentation the surgery has to give at some high-powered meeting somewhere detailing the benefits and implementation of waiting time reduction techniques, showing measurable outcomes and blah blah blah blahdy - yawn - blah.

They have known about this for six weeks down at the surgery and sod all had been done with it till Merriol dragged it off the desk of whoever was supposed to be dealing with it and bought it home and tried to explain it to me. She failed, but I did some doodles of rabbits wearing stethoscopes which seemed to amuse her (though it might have been hysteria) and I have trying to make sense of the notes I made to myself and work out some way of making what is essentially a stupendously dull management / admin paper-shuffling exercise fun.

I have till Thursday.

*apart for comic effect?

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